Intertwined Technology

With this piece, in particular, I began to doodle around on a paper and sometimes in between the seemingly random lines, small distorted shapes presented themselves. I honed in on these shapes, trying to elicit a distinctive figure amongst the intertwined lines, and within moments inspiration struck. A few pieces I have done in the past have focused on the technology that surrounds my life, and I began with the most rudimentary action that I do hundreds of times a day: picking up my phone. The rectangular face is our wormhole to the vast interweb, and I often notice the lines between the real world and the digital world blurring. Thus, the idea behind this piece came to light, and I brought it out of the paper. Using arguably the simplest element of art – line – I illustrated the blurred lines between the physical world and the digital one and even revealed how this distinction is not always so obvious.

Distorted phone.jpg


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