ApplyAll: The power of no-code

The past month, Uber laid off a couple hundred marketing executives. Somehow I stumbled upon an internal spreadsheet these employees were using (it’s now ‘public’ here), and after some digging, I realized the process used by ex-employees to apply for new jobs was painstaking and often unfruitful. The current employer response rate hovers around 5-10%, so it becomes hard to win at the statistics game when it takes hours to fill out unique applications and cover letters.

Welcome to is a bot that makes it easy to apply to hundreds of jobs in seconds. I spent this month designing and building out the interface and back-end. From user flow mapping to graphic design and marketing, this sprint required pulling together a lot of my learnings from previous projects.

From product innovation to execution innovation

My focus would be on marketing and execution innovation. I’ve usually let myself get carried away with making my idea unique, but I want to see how innovating on other fronts could lead to success. I’ve been tracking many companies that offer simple enough services, but innovate and create an impact based on alternative forms of innovation, and over the past month, I’ve had a fanatic goal to see if I could build something and scale its impact by growth hacking.

Growth hacking is an important skill I want to have in my toolbox, and I’m currently focused on finding ways to get ApplyAll more traction. The idea itself is fairly simple; instead, finding product-market fit, and, more importantly, getting people to actually pay for a service, is an interesting challenge I want to tackle.

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