Auto Rickshaw Seat Bed

Chances are if you’ve lived in India, you’ve seen a scene like this:

Millions of rickshaw driver uncomfortably squeeze into the backseat of their vehicle in order to rest, but the space is fundamentally flawed.

Amidst a larger project to redesign the humble auto rickshaw altogether, this simple seating mechanism arose as a simple and effective way to solve an issue experienced by the millions of rickshaw drivers who use this product.

Some things I’m considering for the larger redesign after some preliminary research are:

  • Better waterproofing
  • Storage compartments that can be retrofitted in the back for commercial purposes
  • Multiple seats in the front
  • Larger front wheel for better stability
  • Bigger rear view window for visibility and safety
  • App-based process for payments transparency
  • Standardized ad-space on the back so drivers can earn additional revenue by being a moving billboard
  • Guidance systems that beep if the auto is being stopped on the road as opposed to inside the auto rickshaw parking lanes.

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