Wallet Battery Backup

One of the most common phenomena that occurs to me on an almost regular basis – something I’m sure most people can relate to – is when my phone spontaneously dies midway through the day. Unfortunately, phones these days value portability and design, which results in battery capacity suffering on most modern cell phones.

I took up this problem and relentlessly tried to envision the perfect solution, but everything I came up was either impractical with the technology available today, or already on the market. Regardless, I decided to post the simplest yet most convenient solution I produced. There is nothing revolutionary about this concept; it merely combines existing technologies into a small, convenient form factor. Presenting the Wallet Battery Backup:


What makes this concept effective is that it fits in something most people carry around with them all the time: their wallet. By placing this battery into one of the slots, it doesn’t require the user to carry around extra gadgets or change their daily behavior. It blends into daily life, and no significant bulkiness is added; something present on most unwieldy battery cases. All controls and displays are also on the top edge of the battery so they can be accessed and glanced at without having to open up the wallet entirely. Finally, I did some research on wireless charging and found suppliers able to produce QI compatible batteries capable of charging from distances of up to 3 inches. Essentially, this means if the wallet and a QI compatible handset are next to each other, the battery can wirelessly charge the device. This translates to effortless charging while the phone is even in the pocket.

Although this concept isn’t revolutionary, it is the simplest solution that can provide that extra 2-3 hours of battery life at the most crucial moments. And oftentimes the simplest idea is the best solution.

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