Tesla Model 3 Concept

The Tesla Model 3 is going to be one of Tesla’s newest forays into the electric car segment. It will rival the likes of the BMW 3 series, Audi A4, among many others, but to beat the competition, it needs to drive well and also look great. I decided to try and come up with some design ideas for the new model in Tesla’s portfolio of cars just for fun, so while passing the time on a long flight, I created a few rough sketches of a possible design idea for the car (albeit between many movies). I knew that it had to look positively like a Tesla, but at the same time be slightly more compact and look unique in its own way. The time seems right to make a concept as the car is yet to be revealed soon. When it is revealed, I have very high hopes for the car and I think it will do great. Battery powered cars are going mainstream, largely due to Tesla, and the Model 3 is no doubt going to help accelerate the growth of this market.

Below are my sketches for 3 views of the concept (front, back, and side). Hope you enjoy!tesla-model-3-concept-poster.jpg

Here’s the link to the official Tesla site.

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